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Paul McCartney tickets are currently available for 2016 tour dates. This is going to be a legendary year for Paul. You can just feel the renewed creative genius coming alive. I think it has something to do with getting ditz’d at a post music event celebration, Paul was heard to say, “we need another hit.”
Paul McCartney Tickets

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Paul McCartney’s Out There Tour saw some new venues where Paul had never played. The tour featured awesome new lighting, a platform to carry McCartney closer to fans out in the audience. Plus Paul’s new live repertoire of songs. Show dates were not all released at once, rather incrementally (probably strategically) giving each event venue an opportunity for media exposure. The first show revealed new video graphics and a stage floor consisting of illuminated LED panels.

Paul in Warsaw Poland 2013

Check out scenes from Paul’s last tour, Out There 2015

Read Paul McCartney’s office blog for fun info about the last tour and find out what Paul is up to now.


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